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Dairy Entry 29.05.2021

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In Ghana, nobody waits for no one.

Everybody acts and moves on their own accord.

Hence wasting one of the most valuable resources:

The power of working together.

In unison.

Today, I am travelling from Accra back to my dad’s house in Takoradi to sort out my passport.

A friend of mine does too.

He is planning to take the bus at 11am.

So I thought it might be fun to join him for company since I am in no rush.

We exchanged several texts but no concrete meeting point.

Since there are several bus options, we need to align.

This morning I realised that I have to leave the house with my sister at 7.40am which will get me to the bus (any bus) by 8.30am latest.

By the time he rocks up, and probably late because nobody is on time here, I could already be in Takoradi.

Shall I wait?


Change of plans.

I am looking out for my own pleasure.

That’s how it is.

But I already did that.

By thinking that it would be fun to travel together.


Alignment comes by chance here.

Maybe I’m not supposed to travel with him.

Making arrangements involving another person can be very valuable.

But also a massive headache.

Which one?

At what point do I know when joining forces is needed or even vital and when not?

Also, does it matter?

I always think that aligning with someone makes us more powerful.

That’s why we are in relationships.

We think we need it.

To cluster together.

But the minute we do that, we have to consider others.

Stuff of others.

Other beliefs.

Other needs.

Other preferences.

And it gets complicated.

Already complicated in a two persons relationship.

Let alone families, work colleagues, peoples, nations.

So we start diplomacy, cajoling, strategising, manipulating.

All day long.

Thinking of others is hard work.

And doesn’t feel good.

And pointless most of the time because people change beliefs and wants at the drop of a hat.

I know that from myself.

What was a preference today might not be the same tomorrow.

So how can we possibly align anyone else to what feels good to us?

It might not feel good to them.

And we cannot bully anyone into something they don’t want.

We can try to inspire them by doing what feels good to us instead.

Meaning being selfish.

Always putting our ‘feel good’ first.

Because we are not responsible for anyone else’s feel good.

We cannot possibly be.

And trying feels horrible to us.

So why waste us?

Our time?

Our effort?

Our well-being?

By trying to please someone else, but actually not knowing what that is?

I used to complain that in Ghana nobody waits for no one and everyone fends for themselves and therefore shit doesn’t get done.

But maybe it does?

How do I know?

Having most of the country’s roads covered in potholes might not be a sign that shit’s not getting done.

Having half of the country’s houses unfinished and inhabitable might also not be a sign that shit’s not getting done.

Huge Twitter waves landing with tags like #fixghana #fixthecountry #ghanaisfixed might also not be a sign that shit’s not getting done.

Maybe I’m only looking at the obvious.

Life is getting done.

Multi million times a day.

Is that not something?

Women giving birth to human beings every day.

Is that not something?

People making sales everywhere.

Feeding each other.

Loving each other.

Is that not something?

It is.

Also, does shit have to be done in a certain way to qualify as ‘done shit’?

What is the measure?

What is e difference between getting shit (done) and giving a shit?

Do I have to give a shit in order to get it done?

I have to do shit.

Can I get shot done without doing fuck all shit?

Ha, that would be the best scenario.

How to accomplish?

Expecting inspiration.

Inspiration often is not straight forward.

When it hits, we often don’t take it for what it is.

We mistrust.

If it doesn’t fit into our envisioned scenario, we discard.

But inspiration comes from a higher view point.

Meaning it is given, seeing more than we do.

So from our limited viewpoint it might look random, even crazy.

The key is to jump upon inspiration.

If it feels like fun and pleasurable, it’s a good’un.



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