“I just had a thought, babes. You LOVE money. And that is a good thing. At the moment your love is only one-sided though, you only love to have to SPEND it. Now you also need to love to have to KEEP it. It is important that you show money that you are able to do both. In a playful way, because that is fun. And the way to show you can do it, is through budgeting. Playing with money in that way. Otherwise money will never properly love you. ❤️”

I wrote this to Lol this morning, because it popped into my head. And it is true.

Everyone always talks about budgeting but nobody talks about why it works, besides the obvious reason. But the obvious is not inspiring. That’s why it is so hard for people who desperately need to budget to actually do it. The obvious makes sense but doesn’t look like fun. It looks like a chore. Spending money looks so much more like fun.

Money is like a person, a lover, a partner, who needs to be loved in more than one way. In a balanced relationship you care and are cared for. You love and are loved in return. It has to be in balance.

If you care for money, it will care for you. If you don’t care for it (or care for it only in one way, namely in order to spend it) it will not care for you.

And YOU have to be able to love/care first, in both ways!! To prove yourself. Show that you can do that, love money by both keeping and taking care of it creatively, but also finding fun and creative ways to spend it. Then, like a loved and appreciated partner, money will stay with you in a beautiful and healthy relationship and together you will prosper and make things happen.

Money is playful.

Together you play, challenge each other, grow and have a fantastic time.

Can one love money more than real people? Maybe not necessarily more than but definitely equally.

We can be in a balanced loving and fun relationship with anything we want. It’s all the same. All energy and the feeling it gives us.

They say that people with money get tight. And I can imagine why.

Imagine you are in beautiful caring relationship with a person, and someone says “I see your partner takes such good care of you. And I need to be taken care of. Can I have them? “

Would you let them have your partner? Not really. Because the request is given by someone who only sees the taken-care-of side, otherwise they wouldn’t ask let alone be in the situation having to ask. So waste of time trying to help them in that way. And your partner would also not feel appreciated either. So by ‘helping out’ someone else, you are 1. wasting your time with someone who doesn’t care and 2. risk ruining your perfectly balanced relationship. Pissing (away) off your caring partner.

Not worth it.

And since you are all about creating worth, value, wealth why would you indulge in the opposite?

Everyone can be in a financial pickle sometime. And even wealthy people borrow from others with more money. So if you ask to borrow money with a plan to pay back a little more (with interest), you are still in the worth creating game. You play. Creating wealth for both you and the other. However, people who borrow money on overdrafts and credit cards only create wealth for the bank but not for themselves. Because they don’t have a plan. The debt is just rolled over and they keep on paying extra.

Not caring about money.

But banks are still in love with it.

Your money partner is playing with them instead of you, making them wealthy.

Never rule anything out.

Don’t limit yourself in believing certain things about yourself. It would be like saying:

“I only eat scrambled eggs”, thereby discarding to try all other options like boiled eggs and poached eggs and omelettes. What you should say instead is “ I prefer scrambled eggs this morning, however, I am open.” Giving your in-house design team space to be creative beyond your wildest imagination.

And surprise you.