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Basically, everyone is a different version of you.

In combination.

Attributes you share you are aware of and recognise them as your own. According to these you know how to interact with the other because you know how it feels to be that part of you. But then there are also a lot of attributes you share which you are not aware of in yourself and they feel alien. The other then seems so different to you. And you don’t know how to react. This is where imagination comes in handy and the willingness to use it in order to ‘understand’ the other and understand that part of you in yourself. The experience of an attribute in someone else is the only way to learn about YOU. So no reason to reject or condone behaviours in others since they are simply showing you a part of you. It might just be a tiny tiny part, but it is worth exploring big time.

We learn better through caricature. Things being blown out of proportion in order for us to be triggered.

If we look at someone else and say “OMG, I would never do such a thing”, don’t we actually think “I don’t do that because I don’t believe I can get away with it”?

And are we not secretly in awe of folks getting away ‘murder’ and being total assholes?

The things we think in secret.

There are sides of us we desperately try to hide from others but mainly from ourselves.

But it is one of the hardest things to acknowledge someone’s asshole side as our own and to ‘appreciate’ it when we are tortured at work or in a relationship. Not pushing the shared responsibility away but assuming the victim/perpetrator role, AND STAYING THERE!! And yes folks, this thing goes both ways.

ROLE PLAY EXPERIENCE is our greatest asset to learn about who we are. We go into roles … father child lover neighbour colleague supporter victim … and have the unique opportunity to experience that side of us. But if we resume a role for the rest of our life, that is boring because we label ourselves. Unless we get creative and combine opposite roles. Father child, victim bully.

That’s called being truthful.

The further seemingly opposite of the spectrum these roles are, the better. It creates a healthy tension instead of just sitting lose in one corner and acting out that one thing.

This healthy tension is called Life Force. And the more diverse people and characters you expose yourself to and situations you involve yourself in, the more you broaden the knowledge of YOU.

I know that I am restricting myself all the time. When it comes to assuming different roles in the work environment, I never think I will be able to have all it takes and what is required to do that job. Especially when it comes to jobs I believe have more responsibility. However, on the other hand I look at what some people do and I think “ how can they do this job, they are total morons”. I go into incredulous victim mode. My excuse not to go for it is thinking that ‘maybe they have a secret talent I don’t know of ‘ and because it is secret I don’t know what to look out for in myself.

Classic lame mode.

INSTEAD I shall KNOW that there is nothing in someone else I don’t have myself.


It is shown to me via them so I can SEE it. And then I will search for it in myself … even in the ‘smallest’ amount (according to my belief) and then appreciate it BIG TIME and act out on it.

Naturally, I will be successful in the job interview then and get the dream job, or I leave it if it is not my dream. But at least I will know myself better. And whatever my dream is, will fall into place.

There is always a role to play, choose the one which you think is most fun at the time. That is the best way.

But also examine your belief of why you think certain things are fun and others are not … you might just be scared to travel the lesser explored direction out of fear that you “won’t get away with it” …


Assuming a bully role with someone who is a victim is easy, and it’s good to also assume a victim role with someone we have respect for.

And most of us are doing that automatically.


However, the true learning lies in also sssuming a victim role with someone we see a victim and assuming the bully role with someone who we think a bully.

Then it gets interesting.


An egg is a womb in a box. A takeaway

I wonder if ants are into micro or macro management?


All that is needed is a boyfriend with imagination. Jones is such a boy. And I am a very lucky girl. He acted out one of my fantasies with me this morning, just off the cuff and it was totally awesome.

Is that what it is like to be married to an actor? I was wondering about that. ❤️

I wonder if Covid is mutating humanity into a whole new species.

What if viruses do not mutate but actually change the bodies they invade instead, so it looks like they mutated but it’s the host which did.

It feels to me that Covid was necessary to jolt us off a path which was not sustainable anymore but had to drastically change in order to make us evolve into a superior species. Darwin’s laws. Will we at some point look back at 2020 the same way as the discovery of one of those extraordinary links in the chain of evolution, like the fish which suddenly grew legs instead of fins and marked the birth of the amphibians… the link between water and land.

The theory that every living thing originates from one cell.


Manifested in many different shapes and facets. Same stuff, endless different variations. Forever evolving.


We perceive everything as light. More or less. Our eyes perceive it like that. Light refracted in a certain way appears in a certain way.

Everything is light refracted. Coming from one source of perception.

So what about the other senses?

Sound is vibration

Light is vibration. All the same.

Why do we always presume that if we cannot perceive something anymore, it is destroyed?

What if the process of perception changes the viewer but not the thing viewed?

What if only our interaction with something changes the thing itself?



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