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3 min readMay 28, 2021


Diary Entry 24.05.2021

This morning I’m being kicked out.

This is twice in two days.

What’s wrong with people.

But I get the message.

I need to keep on bouncing.

I had a day of sleep and it‘a time for more experiences.

If I was allowed to stay today I would’ve been house bound until my mate gets back.

So basically just chilling.

But there is a reason for all of it.

I don’t mind.

I’m basically on a day survival in Accra with low battery and little money walking in 34 degrees coaching course.

That’s cool.

A day of meditation.

I got a boiled with Pepe sauce and small bananas.

I also found an orange.

Should’ve bought less bananas but water instead.


Nevermind, I’ll find some.

Been walking for almost 3h so far.

On the beach now.

Well not beach but stony coast.

Checking my WhatsApp but no messages from anyone.


Usually I have in the region of 8 message asking how my night has been and what I’m up to.


But cool.

I’m sick of the empty message shit.

Fuck off all of you.

I’m tempted to go back to Takoradi earlier but that would mean to quit.

To waste my Accra survival course.

If I am preaching to young girls to leave parental restrictions and go to the city and make it there, I will have to do at least the basic survival myself.

After 2 h walking I finally hit a beach.

It looks perfect.

The first proper white sand beach I’ e encountered in all my time here in Ghana.

I am walking in a cloud.

It looks amazing.

A guy stops me: 10 Cedis to get access.


I think not.

I get to Labadi Beach Hotel and order an orange juice.

Freshly squeezed.

Cost 25 Cedis.

But I also get to charge my phone and use a proper toilet.

All air conditioned.

Fast broadband.

And some white folks there.

Easy on the eye.

Good investment I believe.

The orange juice has to last until my phone is fully charged.

I will get access to the beach in another way.

For free.

I really fancy booking myself into a little air bnb for a couple of days.

Don’t wanna stay in Spintex anymore.

He looks all sweet but is selfish.

And I also don’t really want to stay with my sister in law tomorrow night either.

I want to have a place to myself.

For a couple of days.

And chill.

Just good food and peace.

Walked all day.

Not sure what that was for.

Was kinda cool.

But hard also.

And so hot.

Saw some interesting things.

Learnt about Accra beaches.

Not going back to Spintex tonight.

He’s a selfish bastard.

He did kick me out for the day and expecting me coming back in the evening.

Fuck him.

Looking all nice and all but when it comes to it …

So, I’m staying out instead.

Meeting Caesar.

Just hanging out.

In another part of town.

Suddenly everything fell into place.

And the most beautiful moment so far which made the long walk and this day so very valuable happened:

I witnessed a horse (A LIVE HORSE) and its foal crossing the busy busy 28th February Rd during crazy rush hour.



Without hesitation.


I wish I’d captured it on camera.

But I was totally holding my breath, that I forgot.

I was captured.

And glad I got kicked out.



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