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Diary Entry: 23.6.2021

We make changes, we change.

Change your point of view.


You will see further.

Change it to what?

How about your opposite.

I’m basically homeless.

Which is so cool.

I came back to Amsterdam over a week ago now and I’ve been staying in different places.

With friends.

Sofa surfing.

Modern gypsy.

It is an amazing feeling.

To change places.

My only identity is my suitcase and a bag of fabrics and a broken dress I brought back from Ghana.

But that already is too much.

I need to edit to one manageable suitcase.

Hand luggage size.

This is how I want to live.

I don’t want to own stuff.

You know what would be totally awesome and my total goal?

To only own the clothes I wear plus a passport and the credit card to an abundant bank account.

And then live with people for short spurts of time.

And to book myself into somewhere cool when I need my own space.

I would love that, that would be so much fun.


I love being with people in their natural habitat.

Live how they live for a while.

Eat what they eat.

Get as close as possible.

To know them as intimately as possible.

To explore them and me.

As often as I can.

Is that a job?

It can be.

Is that a paid job?

It can be.

Who is the employer?



It would be the only employer I need.

Like fucking ever.

And I could ask for any salary.

What would I ask for?

If food and shelter and company is permanently provided, what else would I need?

I want money to always have choices.


I want to stay with people internationally so I want money to take care of my own transportation.

If I choose to.


I want always look stylish so I want money to buy clothes I see and I really love.

If I choose to.


I want to always be able to buy my own food, when I see something interesting on my travels that tickles me and gives me new taste sensations.

If I choose to.


To book myself somewhere amazing when I feel like it.

When it would be even more fun than to stay with people.

Like a tree top Airbnb in Brazil.

Or the Ritz in Paris.

If I choose to.

What if everything will always be provided for, exactly how I want it?

Exactly how I would’ve chosen it?

Would I need money then?



Just checking.

… but it would be awesome to have it.

I want to look at the online statement of my bank account and it saying


I would love that experience.

After tax.

I really really really want it.

But why does it feel empty when I say it?

It’s infuriating.

Money to me means options.

Freedom to choose.


I want to be able to take care of my own.

But would I need to if the greatest divine power takes care of me?

I guess not.

So why would I need it?

Because I don’t fully trust that I will be taken care of.

So I need the greatest divine power to provide me with funds so I can take care of myself when the greatest divine power who created the ever expanding universe with everything in it doesn’t do it’s job?

Basically yes.


Money, my friend, is also part of this creation.

Small but super fun.

I don’t need it.

But it would be fun to always have some.


How much is enough?

£(€)152.495,00 in credit?


How about £(€)269.500.820,00?

Sure, that too.

How about £(€)1 trillion?

Too much?

Yeah, slightly.

What amount would feel comfortable?

What amount would feel comfortable when I sleep on someone’s mat on the floor in Assaeke?

Someone who owns nothing?

Any amount would feel comfortable because if I am invited to someone’s home, fed, watered and sheltered for the night, they will feel wealthy enough to do so.

Nobody does anything if they feel it has no value to them.

That’s a fact.

So I will bring value.

Not by paying them money but by being there.

My value will provide me with food and shelter and company.

So what is my value in money terms?


I want to be numberless.


Looking at my bank statement and seeing a number which corresponds to my belief in freedom and safety is an illusion.

Just numbers.


Foreign language.


It’s what they represent to me is what I want.

Freedom of choice.



I don’t want to be shelterless or hungry or naked or stuck.

I don’t want to have to depend on someone else for any of that all the time.

Only if I want to.

I don’t want to have to need.

But I want to choose to need.

And it takes money for that.



I choose to believe that.

Will I be challenged in that belief?

I believe so.

Bring it on!



Freya von Bulow

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