And also …

🤣 Wouldn’t it be funny to get rejected for a branding lead position, only to pitch the complete re-branding of that company to their hottest competitor?


I had a first date with a client.

My first impression? Slightly one-dimensional and plain but interesting features with great potential to fall in love.

Which is congruent with their current branding.

Yes, respect for that.

However, I wanna go into 2D, 3D, 4D

To make it truly universal.

How we gonna do that?

While everyone is focussing on the outside appearance of the female body and everything generated by that #bodypositive #health #wellbeing, we [my client and I] will be focussing on making the female mind our home. Shape, gender preference or age will not matter.

And also for Mxn to visit with curiosity about all the ‘noise’ we make, to join and find deep pleasure in it.

Bed-metime stories

Bedme-time stories


wanting to be in the mood

Being relaxed and letting go

No thinking

Being like a child being read to

At the moment [client’s name]’s stories are only one speed and 2 dimensional.

Like a paper train.

It goes places.

Sort of.

Sexual encounters have speed variations which is much more fun and exciting.

Nobody likes kissing on one speed either, right?

Even a washing machine fucking slows down once in a while …

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a story-board artist constantly employed to sit in on tell-tale board meetings? Obviously they would have to be killed should they ever want to work for someone else …



Edit visuals and play within.


Drop ‘your pants’ down Menu with clear choices

Only ever two choices

If three or more choices, the possibility of (them) losing them (-selves) is exponentially bigger, and can be avoided

It’s better to take them slowly deeper, with two at the time.

Like a long and slow foreplay.

This is how entering the website could be. Like the door to a classy strip club.

Her mind is the strip club we are exploring together and slowly go deeper and deeper into the female mind.


At the moment it seems the [client’s name] female fantasy range is still directed AT the female FROM the male point of view.

So in essence still generic male porn.

That needs to change.


Soft bulgy silicon [client’s name] smartphone covers which vibrate

Soft silicon [client’s name] headphones with extra sensory haptic tech stuff

Soft silicon [client’s name] sex toy which can be inserted and plugged into a smart phone with an app sending impulses when laid on the abdomen


When we are rejected, we retract, because that which we offered and deemed valuable, was devalued by someone else and hence lost its value for us too. But instead we should simply see it as a proof of concept, which someone else could make a choice upon. That in itself is amazing. By them making the choice, it turns the concept into a reality, no matter what their choice is, yes or no. The reality is what gives it value. Nothing taken but instead actually given value. Which we need to acknowledge and value and put it out there for someone else. And that someone will come soon, very soon in fact, because we have created the reality to settle into in the first place.



Is YES/NO, reality?

The choice thereof?

Both linked, not by OR oder AND, but ALSO


At the same time.

Is eeeeeeeeeverything binary?



Looks like it…

Feels like it …

Sounds like it …

Smell like it …

Is like it …?

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